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At Simply Unique Events, we want to make sure that all of our guests have the best experience possible. We know that everyone is busy and taking the time to fill out a review on all of the Wedding Sites can be overwhelming.  After your event, we send all of our clients a questionnaire to let us know how we did, where we can improve, and provide general comments.  Below are some of the comments our clients have provided.

The originals can be viewed at our Venue.

  • Simply Unique rocks!  Everything was set up on time, beautiful and met all of our expectations and then some.  All of our guest commented on how great the food was!  The DJ played all of our selections and kept the party going!  5 Stars across the board!  Thank you Dean & Cindy  J&E  10/27/15


  • Cindy & Dean were absolutely amazing to us!  We couldn’t have asked for anything more.  They catered to us like no one before.  We would highly recommend Simply Unique Events for your special celebration!  C&C 10/2/15


  • The Venue was absolutely gorgeous!  I couldn’t have dreamt of a more beautiful set up – very impressive!  The food and staff were A-1 – my guest & I were treated like royalty! So many of our guests said they had wished they had gotten married at Simply Unique.  Dean & Cindy are a joy to work with and because of them, or wedding turned out beautiful!  The entire process was 100% stress free – leaving us to enjoy our special celebration!  J&K 9/21/15


  • Thank you for making everything run so smoothly.  It was an awesome night!  We would recommend your Venue to friends and family.  5 Stars all around!  D&C  6/29/15


  • Cindy did an amazing job making the table decorations beautiful!! We couldn’t have asked for anything better.  The food as delicious and the servers attended to our guests ever need quickly and efficiently!!  I knew the night was planned and executed perfectly by Dean & Cindy.  Even though I changed my mind several times – they were extremely patient!!  We could not have asked for a better night!! Thank you Dean & Cindy  B&C  6/12/15


  • We were very happy with the everything!  The service was very exceptional and courteous!  You came through with everything you promised!  We will look back on our day and smile – you made it great!! Thank you!  M&G 04/11/15


  • Cindy did a wonderful job decorating the tables and the whole room!  Took a lot of stress off of us.  The DJ was excellent!  Dean and Cindy were so wonderful to work with and we appreciate all of your hard work!!  Our reception was wonderful!  M&D, 9/8/2014


  • Everything looked beautiful!!  I loved the simplicity of the room, even with the beauty of the décor, it still lets the Bride be the focal point of the room.  After the ceremony, the room was transformed very quickly without anyone knowing it was being done right behind them. The food was delicious and the staff was there to take care of everyone.  Dan the DJ, gave me everything on my play list and even some that I thought would be hard to find!  Cindy and Dean are very easy to work with & get back to your phone calls in a very timely manner.  They do everything they can to make your day perfect & as easy as possible!  All of my guests had a great time!  Thank you!  C & A, 9/13/2014


  • The food was great, all of my guests had nothing but positive comments!  All of the details that we had discussed, to include the setup, décor, and centerpieces, Dean & Cindy followed through on everything and executed perfectly! The service staff was very friendly and helpful to everyone!     C & S, 6/28/2014


  • The decorations, tables & lighting were nicely setup and created a beautiful setting!  The food was excellent!  They are very organized and focused on making the day an enjoyable time for everyone!  The staff was very pleasant and delightful with all of our guests!  Thank you for making our day special!  T & C, 6/14/2014


  • We appreciated the amount of stress that was taken off of us to decorate the venue.  It was beautiful and everything I imagined and more!  Food was amazing!  Our day is a day we will never forget and always cherish because you guys were there to help make sure everything was put together and done with efficiency!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  B&A 5/28/2014


  • The Venue looked fantastic!  Loved the double colored chair sashes and the wonderful centerpieces that Cindy put together!  From the food, the staff, and bartender, everyone was friendly and accommodating.   You guys were great to work with from the initial meeting to the many emails and texts that you answered promptly and without hesitation.! Could not ask for anything better!  Thank you Dean & Cindy!        K & M, 5/17/2014


  •  We ran into some unexpected situations in which we had to push the wedding up 5 months earlier than the initial plan. However, Dean and Cindy were so sweet that they had worked miracles to make our wedding happen. Despite the rush, it was beautiful! Cindy did an amazing backdrop as well as other decorations. It’s very nice that the venue had an in-house chef so I didn’t have to go around and find other food caters. Dan (the DJ) helped bring the reception night together by playing amazing songs. We had such a good time working with the Simply Unique staff, and I would recommend the venue to anyone who is still looking for a place for your wedding! Mai M, from Facebook 4/18/2014


  • Couldn’t ask for anything better! Cindy & Dean got it all together from Decor, food and staff THIS IS YOUR ONE STOP SHOP!! You WILL NOT be disappointed!! WE LOVE YOU!! Mindy M, from Facebook 11/4/2013


  • “The owners were always available when we needed help and answered all our questions along the journey.  We received several comments on how great the food was and the service staff was professional!  The DJ had great music choices that kept the dance floor jumping through the night!  I would highly recommend this venue for a wedding reception or family gathering!!”      K & N, 9/29/2012


  • “Everyone was friendly, caring and on top of their jobs!  The staff made the day easy for me and the In-house Caterer and service were outstanding!  The DJ played all of the songs we requested and kept everything going in a timely manner.  Several guests commented on the great experience, excellent service and friendly atmosphere.  Cindy & Dean Fishburn are professional and give a great quality of service.  They care about the people they service.  We couldn’t have been more pleased!!”   R & R, 9/21/2012


  • “Excellent – love the way you worked with us & made sure everything was in place!  Easy to work with and very professional!”   M & T, 6/2/2012


  • “Everyone was extremely nice and made our dinner run smoothly.  Dean and Cindy came to our table through out the evening to make sure we were ok and if we needed anything – along with our guests!  I will recommend your facility to anyone who is looking for an at home atmosphere – very impressive!!!   P & R, 5/5/2012


  •   “We so enjoyed working with Dean and Cindy .  Everything ran smoothly and they were concerned with the guests needs.  The food was good and we received several compliments!  Would recommend your services to anyone looking for a great place and great service!  Thanks for everything!   D & K, 7/14/2012
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