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At Simply Unique Events, we want to make sure that all of our guests have the best experience possible. We know that everyone is busy and taking the time to fill out a review on all of the Wedding Sites can be overwhelming, but we greatly appreciate and take to heart all feedback.

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“Jordan and I did both our ceremony and reception there and it was perfect! When Cindy told us a new team was raking over for our wedding because of a surgery we were a little nervous, but the girls did an amazing job making our day perfect! Our guests had a great time too andloved the place! I would definitely recommend it!!” Amelie A 9/03/2017 on The Knot

“James & I couldn’t have had a better experience! They were awesome! They made us feel very loved and appreciated. The staff was on top of everything and we really got to just enjoy our reception. The venue was decorated pretty and elegant! We couldn’t have asked for a better day!” Sta’Nisha G 7/21/2017 on The Knot

“Love Simply Unique! Great venue! Perfect atmosphere! Shout out to the wonderful staff for taking care of my friends and giving them the best wedding ever! I will always recommend you first!” Rick Bohon 7/21/2017 on Facebook