Venue is Everything When it Comes to Your Big Day

One of the main parts of planning a wedding is choosing the right venue. Once you have the right venue, everything else seems to wedding-event-plannerfall in place. Color, décor and more are all easily adaptable to your particular location. A common mistake that people make when it comes to choosing their wedding venue is falling in love with the overall aesthetic in the venue and signing contracts before they ever have a chance to consider all of the practical aspects in the space. If you feel pressured to make a down payment, don’t. It is far better to walk away and come back than it is to make a hasty decision. Consider the opinion of those you care about the most.

Remember, choosing the perfect wedding venue isn’t about just choosing a spot that you like. It is also about being able to meet your needs as the bride. When it comes to picking your wedding venue, consider the three criteria outlined below.


Take a moment and discuss what type of theme you want for your wedding with your fiancé. Are you looking for something modern, elegant, vintage or rustic? Regardless of what you choose, determining your style before visiting the venues helps to prevent you from getting hooked into a venue just because it might seem nice at first glance. Find a venue that is going to accommodate your theme right from the start. That way you aren’t wasting a lot of money transforming the location into what you want.


What type of wedding are you planning? Are you dreaming of a red-carpet event or something small and intimate? Your end decision could help you to determine the right location. If you decide on a small restaurant for your reception, you aren’t going to fit an extensive amount of guests in that location. Find out what the maximum capacity is for the location to make sure it can accommodate your needs. Check on date availability to see if it will work for your scheduled date.


Every couple dreads having to talk about the budget for their wedding. Discuss with your fiancé how much you want to spend on the location. If you have fallen in love with a specific location and it is a little more than what you want to spend, you can always cut back in other areas of your wedding. Don’t cut back on something significant, be realistic in your expectations. You can always opt for an off-peak date to help save money on location as well. With so many different options available, you are in control of date, size and budgetary constraints.

Even though it might seem daunting to choose the perfect wedding location, it doesn’t have to be. With diverse choices available to you, landing the perfect location is simple.

Great Advise on planning your Marriage. . .

When you begin to plan your wedding , also keep in mind you’re planning your marriage which will last beyond the  day you share with family and friends.

From the Bride…The best advice we got was from a dear friend who reminded us that we were planning for our marriage, not just a wedding. We want to build our marriage around family and community- to create a foundation of love from which to reach further out into the world. So we tried to remember that this day was not about us and what we wanted and how we thought it should be, but rather, was about the union of our lives, lives which would pale if not for all those supporting us on our journeys and which will fail without their help as we move ahead. We tried to concentrate more on making our family, friends, and guests feel welcome and special than on the cute factor. And it worked!