7 Tips for an Incredibly Successful Corporate Event

corporate events venue in Shawnee KSPlanning a successful corporate event isn’t something that just anyone can do. Regardless of whether the corporate event is for 100 people or 2,000 people, there are a number of challenges and considerations that come into play. To help make your corporate event one that you are going to remember for years to come, consider some of the following tips below.

Planning is crucial. You want to make sure and secure your venue well in advance of your gathering. Another thing to consider is securing a venue that is centrally located to provide all of the attendees with the convenience they desire. Make sure there is plenty of parking and everyone can easily access the building.

If you end up with more people than planned, you want to make sure the space can accommodate everyone. Make sure and get a contract signed and your deposit in as quickly as you can. Depending on the venue, some will book up to a year in advance.

Establish a budget. Even though there is always the chance of an unexpected expense coming up, you want to make sure you have a budget in mind ahead of time that you can adhere to.

Make duplicate copies of any vendors, contracts, seating charts and other important documentation. Many people end up losing the folders with all of their documents in it, so be prepared with a backup copy just in case.

Get the invitations out early to avoid any major holiday delays. You might want to consider sending out a “Save the Date” email to everyone. Insist on RSVPs to help determine your final headcount. Plan on doing some last minute RSVP calls to see if there is anyone that forgot to reply and plans on attending.

Determine what you want your theme to be, or if you don’t want one at all. For some events, a theme isn’t necessary. Depending on what the event is all about, you can determine how you want to proceed in this regard.

Will people be standing or sitting? You need to determine if a seating chart is going to be required for the event. Who is going to handle the seating arrangements? Will the event be more casual where the guests can mingle about without having to sit down? You want to gather as much information as you can about all of the guests to make sure there aren’t any awkward moments for those in attendance.

Equipment matters. Check with the venue to see what all they have available for you to use. Once you know what they have available, you will know what you need to bring with you. Preparation is key.

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